Introduction to Marquees

Marquees are used for outdoor events such as weddings, parties and country fairs - though there are many other uses for them. Most people hire a marquee as a cost efficient way of holding an event for a large group of people; it also makes for a beautiful country setting for any event.

There are many different types of marquee that usually differ in structure to allow for the difference in size and holding capacity. The better quality marquees are made from PVC for durability and are based around three basic styles. The first is the traditional pole marquee that has a central pole, side poles and guide ropes to attach and secure the structure. Aluminium frame marquees differ, as they do not have a central pole or ropes and instead are a more stable metal frame structure that can be mounted in any location. There is also the High peak frame tents that have a high top and fewer parts than the traditional pole marquee. There are variations on the theme as can be seen here